Pukekohe Physiotherapy has been using ‘Shockwave therapy’ for a year now with outstanding success. For us it has revolutionised the management of tendinopathies when used in conjunction with researched and leading-edge rehabilitation. 

‘Shock Wave’ therapy or ‘Radial Shock wave’ is a highly proven and researched therapy used to treat issues such as 

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Achilles tendonitis

  • Patellae tendonitis

  • Upper hamstring tendonitis

  • Tennis elbow

  • Calcifying tendonopathy of the shoulder

  • Greater trochanter pain

How Does it Work? 

Radial Shock wave causes initial ‘hyperstimulation anesthesia’ to the injury site decreasing pain signals to such an extent that their activity diminishes, thereby decreasing or eliminating pain.

Radial Shockwave also alters the release of the pain mediator and growth factor substance P which over time leads to a depletion in substance P from the nerve endings. Less substance P in the tissue results in reduced pain and causes so-called neurogenic inflammation to decline.

A regeneration or tissue-repairing effect in musculoskeletal tissue is also produced by Shock wave. They appear to stimulate the release of growth factors and an improvement in blood supply leading to repair of tendon and bone. These are the mechanisms by which long-term improvement in symptoms occur.

In conjunction with Shock wave specific rehabilitation for that pathology is prescribed to give the optimum outcome.

What to Expect?

Treatment can be uncomfortable but tolerable (less than 10 minutes) with initial anaesthesia benefits but long- term effects and best results occur up to 3 months post therapy.

Three treatments are given a week apart and cost is dependent of ACC/Insurance or private pathologies.

ACC has started to recognise the researched benefits of Shock wave for some musculoskeletal conditions and an application for funding can be made where it has been advised by specialist to be the optimum treatment for that condition. To optimize the benefits of Shock wave therapy it is imperative the patient is following the correct rehab and graduated loading program to coincide with the ‘rebooting’ of the repair mechanism of the tissue involved.

Time will be taken here as part of the therapy to make sure this is the correct program is being undertaken.

Our Expert

Kevin McQuoid has undertaken training and is one of few New Zealand medical professionals to be certified by the International Society for Medical Shockwave treatment to use ‘Radial pressure Shock Wave therapy (RSWT) in treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Recently Susan Pirret and Helen Hicks have completed their certification course to also support Kev in the use of Shock wave.

Pukekohe Physio’s ‘Shock wave’ machine is a Chattanooga Radial Shock wave machine, leading edge in the world of Shock wave.